The ACS PRF Summer School on

Computation, Simulation, and Theory in Chemistry,

Chemical Biology, and Materials Chemistry

was Held June 11-18, 2005

at The Yarrow Hotel in Park City, Utah


The Participants are shown below with Park City's Mountains in the background 


(a higher quality version of this photo can be downloaded here).


Thirty-three Participants from many nations, ten Lecturers, and nine Lecturer Assistants took part in this exciting School which offered forty hours of lectures, a hike in the Wasatch Mountains, a mountain bike ride, and and informal atmosphere fostering much interaction.


To download the lecture and supplementary materials that the Lecturers provided, you can click on any of the following links. If you use any of this material in your own presentations or classes, please cite the person(s) from whom you took it.

Jack Simons' Lecture Material (in ppt or in pdf); Jack Simons'Supplementary Material

Rick Heller's Lecture Material (in pdf)

John Tully's Lecture Material (in pdf) and Supplementary Material

Ken Jordan's Lecture Material (in ppt)

Jim Doll's Lecture Material (in ppt) and Artur Adib's (in ppt)

Joan-Emma Shea's Lecture Material (in ppt) and Andrej Baumketner's (in ppt)

Tom Cheatham's Lecture Material (in ppt).

Martin Head-Gordon's Lecture Material (in two pdf files 1 and 2).

Emily Carter's Lecture Material (in two pdf files 1 and 2).

Tamar Seideman's Lecture Material (in ppt).


The Lecturers in this School (with links to their web pages):

1. Professor Kenneth D. Jordan, Chemistry Department, University of Pittsburgh

2. Professor Emily Carter, Princeton University

3. Professor Joan-Emma Shea, Chemistry Department, University of California, Santa Barbara

4. Professor John Tully, Chemistry Department, Yale University

5. Professor Eric Heller, Chemistry Department, Harvard University

6. Professor Tamar Seideman, Chemistry Department, Northwestern University

7. Professor Thomas Cheatham, Department of Medicinal Chemistry, University of Utah

8. Professor Martin Head-Gordon, Chemistry Department, University of California, Berkeley

9. Professor Jim Doll, Chemistry Department, Brown University

10. Professor Jack Simons, Chemistry Department, University of Utah




If you would like to access Jack Simons' web page on Theoretical Chemistry, click this link; if you want to access

his new Textbook "An Introduction to Theoretical Chemistry, click here.