Jack Simons, University of Utah



            In this site, I collect documents and links to YouTube videos that I created pertinent to either theoretical chemistry or the study of molecular anions.

For basic information about the field of theoretical chemistry, I suggest you look at this link; it is a web site I created and have maintained for several years. Within it, I also offer links to many practicing theoretical chemists many of whom have been friends or colleagues of mine over the years. More recently, I created a link in which I tried to give photos, affiliations, and web site links to other theoretical chemists I have known over my many years in the field including several who have entered the field more recently (I will try to continue to add to this list as I become acquainted with more people working in this area).



1. Here is a link to a video in which I discuss the role theory plays in chemistry education and research. It is aimed at addressing two questions I am often confronted with: (i) Does theory try to replace laboratory experiments? and (ii) What is theoretical chemistry and what good it is? If you would like to download a pdf version of the material I show in this video, click here.


2. These four links (1, 2, 3, 4) provide access to a series of videos in which I discuss several examples within what I refer to as the wonderful world of molecular anions. If you would like to download a pdf version of the material I show in this video, click here. Here is a link to a web site I created dealing with molecular anions; in it, I discuss the work of many scientists who do work on these species. Here is a link to a review paper I wrote in 2008 overviewing the field, and here is one to a paper I wrote describing some of the special challenges one faces when studying them theoretically. In this link, you will find presentations made at a workshop I organized in 2007 on the subject of molecular anions. This workshop was attended by many experimental and theoretical chemists who study molecular anions.


3. Here are links to ca. 12 hours of You Tube videos in which I describe electronic structure theory.


4. Here is a link to a web site related to the 2005 summer school I organized on theoretical chemistry, and here is a link to the Telluride Schools on Theoretical Chemistry within which you can find links to the lecture materials offered at the 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2019, and future schools.


5. This link allows you to download for free pdf versions of the second edition of my textbook Introduction to Theoretical Chemistry. This link offers you You Tube videos overviewing what is new in this edition of the book as well as brief introductions to the 8 chapters.


6. Here is a link to the European masters in theoretical chemistry and computational modeling web site. This program attempts to give students stronger backgrounds, much like the Telluride Schools on Theoretical Chemistry.