I am updating this information in late 2020. Given the fact that I am approaching 76 years of age, I am probably not as up to date as I have been and should be. So, please feel free to bring to my attention names of researchers in the field who should be added and I will try to do so when I next make an update. I thank you in advance for your help and guidance.

Also, many of the people whose photos, names, affiliations, and web links I offer here are friends I should have highlighted in my earlier TheoryPage web site. I am sorry that I waited this long to notice the omissions.

Jack Simons


Before introducing some of the theoretical chemists I have not yet mentioned, I want to bring your attention to a wonderful web site that tells about the women who are working in the areas of theoretical and computational chemistry. I urge you to take a look at this excpetional resource.

The field of theoretical chemistry continues to advance and many new young scholars are making important contributions. In this section, I try to highlight some of these people who have joined the ranks of independent theoretical chemists since about 2009 as well as others who have been active even earlier.



Professor Tom Miller, Cal Tech

Professor Doug Tobias, U. Cal., Irvine


Professor Kieron Burke, U. Cal., Irvine

Professor Filipp Furche, U. Cal., Irvine

Professor Lyudmila Slipchenko, Purdue University, describes her research as follows.


Professor Adam Wasserman, Purdue University



Professor Michael Galperin, U. C. San Diego



Professor Francesco Paesani, U. C. San Diego

Professor Ian Thorpe, U. Maryland, Baltimore County


Professor Oleg Prezhdo, Univ. of Rochester


Professor Xiaosong Li, Univ. of Washington

Anna Krylov, Univ. of Southern California

Professor Joel Eaves, University of Colorado


Professor J. R. Schmidt, Wisconsin

Alexander Boldyrev, Utah State Univ.



Professor Aln Aspuru-Guzik, University of Toronto



Professor Carlos Simmerling, Stony Brook

Professor Jin Wang, Stony Brook


Professor Anastassia Alexandrova, UCLA


Professor Seogjoo Jang, City University of New York, Queens College

Professor Joseph Subotnik, University of Pennsylvania



Professor Ryan Steele, Univeristy of Utah


Professor David Masiello, University of Washington


Professor Ari Chakraborty, Syracuse University


Professor Dmitry Babikov, Marquette University



Professor Qadir Timerghazin, Marquette University


Professor Ben Levine, Stony Brook University




Prof. Daniel Lambrecht, Florida Gulf Coast University



Professor Gregory Beran, University of California, Riverside.



Professor Nandini Ananth, Cornell University Chemistry




mall Michael

Professor Michael Grnwald, University of Utah

Jessica Swanson, Univ. of Utah


Professor Thomas Markland, Stanford Univeristy


Professor Johannes Hachmann, Univ of Buffalo

Prof. Suri Vaikuntanathan, U. of Chicago


Prof. Toru Shiozaki, Northwestern Univ.



Description: http://www.chem.vt.edu/media/dcrawford.jpg

Daniel Crawford, Virginia Tech


Description: http://www.chem.vt.edu/media/Nick_Mayhall.jpeg


Nicholas Mayhill, Virginia Tech



Diego Troya, Virginia Tech


FV Photo

Ed Valeev, Virginia Tech

hoto of Robert A. DiStasio Jr. 

Robert Distasio, Cornell University


Timothy Berkelbach, Columbia University

Eran Rabani, U. C. Berkeley

Teresa Head-Gordon, U. C. Berkeley


Ken Merz, Michigan State U


Piotr Piecuch, Michigan State U


Angela Wilson, Michigan State U


Ken Houk, UCLA

Daniel Neuhauser, UCLA

Grant Rotskoff, Stanford

Anne McCoy, Univ. of Washington

Angelo Cacciuto, Columbia University

Richard Friesner, Columbia University

David Reichman, Columbia University

Phil Geissler, Berkeley

Eric Neuscamman, Berkeley

Devid Limmer, Berkeley

Piotr Skurski, Univ. of Gdansk

Maciej Gutowski, Heriot-Watt University

Spiridoula Matsika, Temple University

Brenda Rubenstein, Brown University

Richard Stratt, Brown University

Adam Willard, MIT

aculty Profile Image

Ignacio Franco, Univ. of Rochester

Trygve Helgaker, Univ. of Oslo

Mark Hoffmann, Univ. of North Dakota

Victor Batista, Yale Univ.

Jason Goodpaster, Univ. of Minnesota

Arun Yethiraj, Univ. of Wisconsin

Yang Yang, Univ. of Wisconsin






Coray Colina, Univ. of Florida

John Stanton, Univ. of Florida

Ramon Quintana, Univ. of Florida

Sandeep Sharma, Univ. of Colorado

So Hirata, Univ. of Illinois

Nick Jackson, Univ. of Illinois

Peter Wolynes, Rice University

Gustavo Scuseria, Rice University

Cecilia, Clementi, Rice University