On August 11, 2001, 22 chemists and family members again ventured into Wyoming's Wind River Mountains.

This year, they entered at the New Fork Lakes Trailhead at about 7800 ft. 


 Included in this hike were Peter Armentrout, Mary Ann White, Erin and Patty Armentrout, Chuck and Lee Ann Wight, and Heather Wight, Jack and Peg Simons, Tom Richmond, Janis Louie, Dale and Susan Poulter all of whom camped in one site. The other site had Cindy Burrows and Scott Anderson and their children Todd, Zach, and Laurel, as well as their friends Jean-Paul, Anne Lise, Martin, and Simon Behr.




Front (Janis, Erin, Jack), Back (Chuck, Peter, Lee Ann, Mary Ann, Tom, Dale, Susan, Heather, Patty, Peg)



Front (Simon, Laurel, Todd, Martin, Zach), Back (Scott, Anne Lise, Jean-Paul, Cindy)




 Some of the hikers as they begin up the switchbacks about one hour after beginning on day 1.


It took us 3-4 hours to hike from New Fork Lakes to our lunch break at Rainbow Lake at an altitude of about 10,000 ft. This was the most difficult part of this hike.






Tom Richmond filling his water container at Rainbow Lake where Chuck Wight claims to have caught a very large trout.

The evidence is still lacking, but Chuck provided the following photo that he claims to be valid (I am still checking into this).



Oops, sorry. I got the wrong fish. The one shown below is Chuck's.








 Scott Anderson and his family's two dogs taking a swim at Rainbow Lake, our lunch spot on day 1.


Peter taking a rest at our lunch break place (you will see a similar picture later, but with him looking more tired).





 After lunch, we climbed a bit more to about 10,800 ft. where we could see the continental divide mountains in the distance.


 More of the scenery from near the top of the Doubletop Mtn trail.



 The hiking on this high tundra is very pretty and not too difficult (especially compared to the hike up the switchbacks to Rainbow Lake).



After coming back down to Palmer Lake (ca. 10,100 ft), we had to climb back up to 10,700 ft on our way to our base camp.


Peg seems to be saying "are we there yet"? 





 Mark Pearson leading the horse pack train up the final hill (really) to our camp.




Finally, we reached camp and set up our tents (for the group including everyone but the Anderson/Burrows and Behr families overlooking Cutthroat Lake





Upon reaching base camp at Cutthroat Lake and setting up our tents, we did a lot of sitting around and talking near our eating area (above and below)





The kids also enjoyed sitting down and playing with the dogs near the lake where the Anderson/Burrows and Behr families set up their camp.



 Our first evening, we had the famous Tom Richmond's mother in law spaghetti (along with some "trail juice").




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