On the second day, Peg, Jack, Peter, Mary Ann, Janis, and Tom took a hike to No Name Lakes and then up to Glover Peak.

Peg is shown above early in this hike.


This is Peter leading the way up the slopes towward Glover Peak.




 On our way up the peak, we were able to look down at where we came from (No Name Lake).



 Near the top of Glover peak looking toward the continental divide.



 Looking down on Summit Lake



 Peter, Mary Ann, Janis, and Tom on top of Glover Peak.



Mary Ann, Peter, and Janis on top.



Janis and Peter on the top of the mountain.



Tom and Janis on top looking far to the distance.





Jack off on the ridge to the north of the peak.


 Peter and Tom on the boulders on the way down from the peak.


 Looking down on a pretty lake as we move further down.



Now, we are back at camp telling of our wonderful hike.






 Peter pretending to be deep in thought while really snoozing (deserved after a tough hike).

A view down the Green River gorge as seen near our camp.

 Tom's and Jack/Peg's tents in camp with Cutthroat Lake in the background.





Dale and Susan caught some mighty fine trout and cooked 'em up for everyone to try.




 Todd fishing at Cutthroat Lake.




 Proof that they really caught a good fish.


 Dale and Susan spent the day fishing and caught some good ones.




Looks like the Anderson/Burrows family is having a wonderful time.


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