July 15-19, 2010

Simons Group Reunion



Front row: Alina Sergiva, Peg Simons, Jack Simons, Nick Gonzales, Johnathan Frey-Buhro, Gina Frey, Jeanne McHale, Judy Ozment, Diane Neff, Matt Kraft

Second row: Clarissa Kenney, Inga Kenney, Barb Feyereisen, Kay Willden, Zlatko Bacic, Ken Jordan, Alex Boldyrev, Berta Fernandez, Ron Shepard, Bill Buhro, Jacek Jakowski, James Shepard

Back row: George Purvis, John Kenney, Martin Feyereisen, Gwen Cardoen, Wim Cardoen, Phil Willden, Mark Roberson, Fritz Knorr, Ed Earl

People who attended but are missing: Charlotte and Celeste Kenney, Wes Smith, Nancy Purvis (taking the photo), BertaÕs husband Christian and children David and Maria, JacekÕs wife Anna and children Jas and Milolaj, Michele and Keith Pasker

People whom we expected but did not attend: Hugh Taylor and his children Donald and Antonia, Vince Ortiz and his wife Karen, Jerry Boatz and his wife Tammy and children

Laura, Catherine, and Jaclyn

People who planned to come but had to cancel at the last minute for health reasons: Jan and Gunnel Linderberg, Grzegorz Chalasinski.

We hope the rest of you will be able to join us next time- it was fun!!!








On Thursday evening, we had a reception with sandwiches and other light refreshments. Each of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, we went for hikes from 9 am until 2:30 pm, we listened to talks from group members from 2:30 pm until approximately 6:30 pm (with lots of interruptions to recall fond memories about the presenters and others- especially those not present), and then we gathered in the Chateau (shown below) to prepare our communal dinners and enjoy lots of fun discussion and story telling.




Below, I offer some photos from the various events we shared.




Gwen taking a photo of (front) Jack, Jon, Wim, Ed, Christian, Berta, (back) Alina, Zlatko, Fritz, Jeanne, Gina, Bill, Barb (hidden- see the U. W. hat), and Martin





Gina, Bill, Fritz, and Martin on the trail toward Lakes Mary, Martha, and Catherine



A view looking back down toward Brighton




We encountered some snow as we approached Lake Catherine




The view looking down on Lake Catherine




When we got to Catherine Pass, lots of other people were there.





George taking photos




Phil and Kay watching George take pictures




The flowers were in full bloom and there were many




Jack lecturing the hike group Ed, Martin, Barb, Wim, Gwen, Jeanne and Fritz




A moose seen near our Brighton cabin (the photo was taken in near darkness and had to be edited substantially; thus, the poor quality)





Lake Solitude near Solitude and Brighton resorts




Lake Mary 1 mile from Brighton





A nice view near Solitude





One of many pretty meadows



George managed to sneak up on this marmot who was trying to overhear one of our lectures




A view of our lecture area (note the high-tech screen)


The group of hikers starting up the trail to Lake Mary


The group at a nice overview of Brighton on the way to Lake Mary


Hiking up to Catherine Pass


Nice view on the way to Snake Creek Pass



View from between Snake Creek Pass and Clayton Peak looking toward Mount

Timpanogos in the distance.



Gwen and Wim on Clayton Peak




John, Martin (background), and Jack having fun at the reunion



Ron and Ed at one of our dinners at the Chateau




Judy on the deck of the Chateau


Michele and Keith Pasker at the Chateau



Gina, Bill, and Judy obviously having fun being together after many years




Kay at one of our dinners reflecting on how happy she is to see all the old friends.




Jack coveting GinaÕs hair. You can see several others having fun in the background.




Jack, Martin Gina, and Jacek discussing how to play pranks on other group members.


Johnathan and Judy testing their mastery of classical trajectories


Christian (holding David), Berta, Mark and Alex relaxing on the deck of Chateau



John and Nick probably discussing old cars or Jahn-Teller distortions


Ed, Mark, Berta, Ken, Jeanne, Alex, Ron, Fritz, and Zlatko with a nice view behind







From our very first Ph. D. student, a final evaluation of the 2010 reunion as shown in JohnÕs smile.