This is a photo of the group who went on the 2015 Chemists in the Winds trip



















Peg and Jack started out early Thursday morning and saw this big fellow about ¼ of a mile from the trailhead.


It was a very nice day for hiking- not hot and a bit of wind to keep the bugs away


Peg was in her usual good form


After a few miles, we gained altitude and the mountains got closer

At about the 4 mile mark, we reached an open meadow from which a grand view of the Wind Rivers can be seen


Crossing the large meadow leads to this nice stream


And in another ½ mile from the meadow, we came to Mirror Lake


The trail beyond Mirror Lk leads toward the mountains near where we will camp with the group the next evening


After Mirror Lk and after passing by DadÕs Lk, we cam to MarmÕs Lk where Peg and Jack made camp Thurs eve


While camped at MarmÕs Lk, a helicopter landed on the opposite shore to rescue a Sierra Club hiker who was having health problems



The next day, Peg and Jack hiked from MarmÕs Lk to ÒChemistsÕ Lk.Ó a little less than a mile away and waited for the rest of the group to arrive (around 4:30).


The next day, some of the group went up to Shadow Lk, but Peg and Jack went on a small hike to explore the East Fork Valley and its river


A nice view along the way


The clouds were gathering and it was a bit windy and cold, but still very pretty.














Soon, we reached the East Fork river valley


Peg walking along the valley floor


Back at our campÕs living room/kitchen/dining room after SaturdayÕs hiking


On Sunday, the whole group set out to hike from ChemistsÕ Lk to Skull Lk and beyond. Here is Peg near the start.





We soon had a nice view of Mt. Bonneville at the head of the East Fk Valley


The other peaks in the distance (r to l) are Pyramid, Hooker, ?, Bonneville, and Raid



That day, Peg and Jack made it to Skull Lk; the rest of the hikers went on to MaeÕs Lk.




On the way back from Skull Lk, we got a good view of the backside of the Cirque of the Towers


As usual on our hikes, the wildflowers were beautiful


Soon, we were back at camp where all of our gear was intact





As usual, we then used the wonderful weather and scenery to relax, play cards, and (fearless leader above) read books.


Another Chemists in the Mts is in the book!