2014 Chemists in the Winds. Front: Jack, Heather, Patty, Erin, Matt; Back: Peter, Andrew, Peg, Lee Ann, Mary Ann, Chuck


On July 31, we drove to Pinedale, Wyoming and stayed overnight before beginning the hike in the next morning. Jack and Peg got up early and started hiking just after 7 am; the rest of the group began the hike at around 9:30 am.


At the Meadow Lk. trailhead, which was reached by a rather challenging road, the hike began with a gentle stroll across this meadow for about ½ mile.


Soon, the trail became quite steep and persisted as such for the next 2 to 3 miles. Here is Peg working her way up, with Meadow Lk. in the background.


The wildflowers were especially abundant this year.


At around the 4 mile mark, we began to have views of the mountains in which we would do hikes the following two days.



This was our first view of Bald Mtn where many of our group would go the next day.


After establishing our camp about 7 miles in at a pretty lake (we were really tired from the steep trail), we ate dinner, socialized and went to bed. The next day, we went for nice hikes. Here is Andrew early on day 2Õs hike.



While the rest of us went on hikes, Chuck decided to test his skill fishing.


Peter and Mary Ann looking south toward Barnes Lk about 2 miles from camp.


We saw some small ducks out on this lake.



Soon, we got a view of one of this dayÕs goals- Bald Mtn.


Most of the Bald Mtn climbing group (Heather is slightly out of the picture to the left) just before leaving the trail to head up the mountain.


As the majority of our party went up Bald Mtn, Jack went off to explore more of the trail.


where he found lots of Elephant Head flowers


and other small lakes with pretty views.


He looked back toward Bald Mtn to try to see the climbing party, but he could not see them.



On the way back to base camp, there were lots more pretty flowers


and a nice waterfall in a stream.



Returning to camp, we found Lee Anne (she and Peg went on their own hike)


and some of the youngsters cooled their feet in the lake after a great hike.



The next day, we set out on another hike to a beautiful place.



We had to pick our way through a small boulder field.


Along the way, ChuckÕs left boot came apart (its sole mostly fell off), which required us to make use of the duct tape yet again. Fortunately, this fix (and at least one more application) lasted for the remainder of the trip.


A nice view on our way back to base camp.

A lilly pond just before reaching base camp.


Here are many of our group after returning to base camp to rest up and play cards.


The next morning, we awoke to overcast skies. Jack and Peg started hiking out around 7:30. This photo is looking back toward where we had camped.


Soon, it began to rain lightly (but enough to require us to put on our rain gear). At least the rain kept us cool on the hike back to the trailhead.


A place called BlackÕs Cabin on the map as we hike out.


About 3 miles from the trailhead, we see Meadow Lk awaiting our arrival.




Finally, we reach the flat meadow near Meadow Lk and arrive at our cars. Then, we drove off to the Marbleton Inn only to learn it is closed on Mondays. So, we went to a bar in Marbleton to get our traditional after-hike lunch. After that, it was back to SLC for all but Chuck (back to Ogden) and Peg and Jack (back to Parowan). Another Chemists in the Winds is in the record books!