On Friday, August 13, 2010, the Utah Chemists again ventured to WyomingÕs Wind River Mts. Actually, Peg and Jack went up the day before to get a head start. Below, is the group photo from this trip taken at their base camp.



Peter Harris, Lee Ann, Tom, Erin, Mary Ann, Chuck, Heather, Matt, Peg, Jack, and Peter


Flowers on the hike in on Thursday


Peg near the start at the Big Sandy Trailhead on Thursday


It rained a bit the first day, but not much. The scenery was still spectacular.


Peg as we approach Mirror Lk. , our first nightÕs camp.


Mirror Lk. where we camped Thursday



Our tent on Thurday (we had frost the next morning).


Friday morning, we reached MarmÕs Lk on our hike to the base camp at ÒChemistsÕ LkÓ


The lily pads on ChemistsÕ Lk, our base camp at ChemistsÕ Lk.


Here we are at our base camp discussing what to do the next day.


Lots of nice flowers each day; this is  on our hike on Saturday


A view into the East Fork Valley at the start of SatÕs hike.


Peg on our way toward Shadow, Billys, Barren, and Texas Lks on Sat.


Saturday, we took a hike toward the back side of Cirque of the Towers.


Another shot of the sharp peaks on the back side of the Cirque


Our first Lake, Shadow, where we took a break.


Leaving Shadow Lk, we see more of the peaks of the Cirque

Then we arrived at Billys Lk.



And, next we came to Barren Lk. above timberline.


Finally, we were at the base of Texas Pass (center above) which crosses over to the other side of the Cirque


Tom and Peter H. on their way down from Texas Pass

On Sunday, we took a hike to Washakie Pass. As we cross Washakie Ck., we see Mt. Hooker (center left) and Pyramid Pk (which we climbed a few years earlier).


Here are Heather and Lee Ann on the way up.



Looking back toward base camp on the way up to Washakie Pass

When I got to the top of Washakie Pass, I met this motley crew

(Peter H, Erin, Tom, Chuck, Peter A., Mary Ann)


The flowers were beautiful on the way to the pass too (actually, they were as nice this year as we have had).


Looking back toward East Fk. valley on the way up to Washakie Pass


View looking Northeast from Washakie Pass with Macon and Washakie Lks below


Macon Lk and snowfield below Washakie Pass



Washakie Pk above and south of Washakie Pass


Peg on our way back down from Washakie Pass.



Elephant Head and other flowers below Washakie Pass.

The flowers this year were especially nice and pleantiful.


On Monday morning, we hiked out to our cars. Here is Peg near MarmÕs Lk.




Peg on the way out after MarmÕs Lk.


Proof (?)  that wildlife exist in the Winds; a deer we saw on the hike out.


On the hike out, the weather threatened as the sky shows but no rain came.



Sign showing we are almost back to the cars and the Big Sandy trailhead on Monday.


The 2010 backpacking trip marks the last one that Jack will organize (he has been doing these since the mid 1970s). As of 2011, the older version of the little guy in the center above is passing the torch to the fellow shown below and his wife, Mary Ann.


LetÕs hope the correct interpretation of this photo is that Peter A. is contemplating where we should go next year and devoting much deep thought to the matter. Thanks, Peter and Mary Ann, for taking on this job.