On Friday, July 31, 2009 the Chemists drove to Pinedale, Wy. and ate dinner at StockmansÕ and slept at the Sundance Motel. The next morning, they hiked in to near Island Lake via the Pole Creek, Seneca Lk. and Indian Pass Trails.


Our first view of the higher peaks.


Poul J¿rgensen, Peg, and Lise at photographersÕ point on the hike in with Freemont and Jackson Peaks in the background.


The rest of the group (Chuck, Matt, Lee Ann, Jon, Patty, Austin, Meghan, Grant, Greg, Erin, and Peter).


The Armentrout family, Matt, Erin, Mary Ann, Patty, and Peter

Jackson Pk. from Miller Park.


Dean Chuck celebrating making it 4 miles into the hike in front of an amazed Greg, Grant, and Austin.


Lots of nice flowers were present throughout the hike.

Peg pushing up the hill.


Seneca Lk. at the 9 mile mark.

The Pearson family outfitters passing us near Seneca Lk.

Nearing the pass just prior to Island Lk.

View from our camp across Island Lk. to the waterfalls above which Kit Carson and John C. Freemont camped in the 1800s.


Matt standing below these same waterfalls on the next dayÕs hike.


Peter, Matt, Mary Ann, Erin, and Patty getting water pumped at camp.



Two photos of Erin, Patty, and Heather on a rock near Island Lk. from 2009 (top) and 1998 (bottom).


Peter and Erin show that the mosquitoes were indeed bad this year.

Jon getting his camp set up.

 Greg, Poul, Peter, Matt, Heather, Erin, Peg, and Lee Ann relaxing at camp (and hiding from the mosquitoes).


Meghan and Jack trying to see who could look the strangest with their jackets tucked into their pants. Note, they both have outstanding footgear as well.


The next day, Sunday, many of us took a hike up into Titcomb basin.

Early view into Titcomb basin. The round glacier on top Gannet Pk. is visible between two peaks in the basin.

A bit further into Titcomb. Mt. Helen is the peak with the glacier on its right flank.

Snowfields had to be crossed as we hiked into Titcomb.

One of the lakes in the basin.

Another nice view up the basin.



On the third day, Monday, some people went into Indian basin; Peg and Jack returned to Titcomb (Peg had not been there the day before and had never seen Titcomb).


Patty, Peter, Erin, and Mary Ann in Indian Basin

Peg on a snowfield entering Titcomb basin.

Just to prove that Jack was on the trip too.


On the way back to camp from Titcomb, Jack and Peg hiked to the water falls across from our camp where they found this man and his dog.

This is the top of the falls.

This is the view from the falls across to our camp.



The fourth day, Tuesday, we hiked out from Island Lk.

This is the pass we encountered on the hike out early in the morning.

One last look back at the high peaks.

View from photographersÕ point on the way out.