August 9-12, 2007 the Utah Chemists again went to Wyomings Wind River Mts. for a backpacking trip. After staying overnight in Lander, Wyoming and taking their gear to the Allen Familys Diamond-4 Ranch on Wednesday, they hiked from the Stough Creek trailhead to Poison Lake.



Front: Cindy, dogs, Mary Ann, Rick, Matt

Rear: Sheila, Eve, Heather, Lee Ann. Tom, Charly, Peter, Diego, Vale (Peg and Jack were already on the trail when this group photo was taken)

This is Diego near the start of the 11 mile hike to base camp.





At about the 5-mile mark on the hike in, Tom Richmond and dogs (Cobalt and Jacque) with Wind River Peak in the background.



Here is Peter trying to figure out where he is.



Vale and Diego at the top of the pass on the hike in.


Eve Steiner and Cindy Squire on their trusty steeds on the way in to base camp.


The 11-mile hike to base camp had a lot of beautiful scenery such as this.



Finally, we made it to Poison Lake and Peg and Jack went to the lake to collect some water in one of the 5-gallon water containers.


Sheila Steiner, Eve, Charly Gericke, Cindy, and Peg relaxing at base camp.




Lots of action at base camp getting things set up.


The next day, we took a hike toward Wind River Peak (in the distance).



Here is Matt in a pretty meadow on his groups attempt to find Wind River Peak on day 2 (ask Peter, Matt, Mary Ann, Vale, Diego, Rick, Tom)

On the way to Wind River Peak, we encountered some really pretty scenery.



If these people look lost, they probably are. The next day, they actually found Wind River Peak.


They had to do some scrambling to get back down and back to base camp the day they got lost.


This is Tayo Lake just below Wind River Peak.

This is as close to Wind River Peak as we (Peg and Jack) got that day.



Looking back toward base camp, we saw Mountain Sheep Lake (in the middle right of the picture) and another small lake.

Peg hiking through tundra on the way back to base camp.

This is a lake above Tayo lake that we saw on the way back.

The cliffs above the lake were very impressive.


The next day, Tom, Charly, Peter, Mary Ann, and Matt tried WR Peak again and this time they found Tayo Lk.



And, they looked up at WR Pk and said lets go for it


With Matt and Peter in the lead, they began the ascent.



Yep, pretty flowers grow at high altitude too.


Mary Ann says come on, guys, lets get moving.


Pretty soon, they find themselves on top- Peter, Mary Ann, Charly, Matt, Tom.


This direction off the peak does not look like a good way to go back down.



This (I think) is the view toward Temple and East Temple Peaks- where we went when we camped at Clear Lake going in the Big Sandy trailhead.


On the way back down off WR Peak looking at Tayo Lk (left).


Charly looking cold and tired.


The mountain bagging group saw this moose on the way back to base camp.


Cindy and Matt looking happy.



The third day, we (Rick, Peg, Jack, Vale, Diego) took a hike from Poison Lake to the Ice Lakes basin. This photo shows the view back toward our base camp area.


From our Ice Lakes hike, we got a different view of Wind River Peak.

Rick Steiner, Vale and Deigo, and Peg on the trail to Ice Lakes.

Near the pass on the way into Ice Lakes, we encountered a little snow.

Diego, Vale, Rick and Peg stopping for a lunch break just as we entered the Ice Lakes basin.

A view into the Ice Lakes basin which is full of pretty lakes.


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