In August of 2005, the Chemists again ventured into Wyoming’s wonderful Wind River Mountains. This time, we entered at the Big Sandy Trailhead and hiked to Skull Lake where we made out base camp.


Here are some photos showing who went and what we saw.



This shows Peg approaching some hikers coming out. In the distance, you see some of the mountains we camped and hiked near.



The wildflowers were in full bloom.



This shows Mt. Hooker in the middle and Pyramid Pk. on the right.



Mt. Bonneville is in the distance to the left.



Tom Richmond and a couple of the tents in our base camp at Skull Lk.



Bet you’ll never guess- Peter Harris had to change some film in his camera and needed a dark area, so he and his Dad, Joel, pieced together two sleeping bags to serve the purpose.


Dinner at base Camp with Pyramid Pk. in the background.



Nice colors near sunset.



On the second day, we took a day hike to Hailey Pass and some went up to Pyramid Pk. This is a pretty lake on the way to the pass.



Hailey Pass is beyond the lake in the distance.



On top of Hailey Pass with Pyramid Pk. in the background.


Peter, Mary Ann, Greg, Chuck, and Tom on our way up to Pyramid Pk.



Greg near the top of the peak.



Just a little further to go (?)



Well, we made it to the top.



On our way back to base camp (tired).



The third day, we hiked to Pyramid Lake and to a pass going into the East Fork Valley. This is Pyramid Lk.



Leaving Pyramid Lk and hiking west toward the pass.



Tom and Greg hiking up to the pass.



Just below the pass, we encountered this small lake.



Tom at the pass looking toward Mt. Bonneville.



From the pass looking west toward Raid Pk. and a lake below it.



Next to Raid Pk. is Ambush Pk.


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