In 2011, we decided to venture to the Uinta Mts. and attempt to climb King’s peak. The group included Peter and Mary Ann, Tom and Cindy, Chuck, Jack, the Armentrout offspring- Matt and his wife, Felicia, Erin, and Patty and her boy friend, Andrew.


Andrew, Peter, Matt, Erin, Mary Ann, Patty, and Felicia at the beginning of the hike (Chuck and Jack were ahead on the trail).


Peter and Erin taking a break on the hike in which parallels the Henry’s Fork creek for 5.5 miles before reaching Elkhorn crossing at the mouth of the beautiful Henry’s Fork basin.



Tom and Cindy at Elkhorn Crossing, the 5.5 mile mark with the Henry’s Fork basin view opening up. It is about 1.5 to 2 miles from here to our base camp.


Peter and clan preparing to cross Henry’s Fork Ck. on this year’s bridge; last year’s bridge is down in the stream. This crossing bridge has always been there except for the first hike Jack took here in the early 1970s when they had to wade the stream.


Peter, Patty, and Andrew taking another break on the hike in to the base camp. The have only about another half mile to go.


The view across Henry’s Fork basin. The gathering clouds hint at foul weather to come the next day.


Chuck leading some of the crew toward our campsite. Jack is wandering, as usual.


The traditional card game is underway but with the mosquito gear at work.

Tom and Jack getting dinner ready the first night.


Tomorrow’s first goal- gun site pass in the distance with one of our tents in the foreground.


Peter hanging the food for the evening.


The next morning, we are on our way toward gun site pass and King’s Pk. The flowers were very nice (too bad Peg could not come this year- torn ACL- to see them).

Approaching gun site pass (in the distance toward the right). Lots of beautiful wildflowers.


Looking back toward where we came from on our way up gun site pass.


On gun site pass with a large snowfield below the “fly wall” (with all the rocks just to the left of the snow).

We decided the weather was too bad (rain, lightning, cold) to attempt King’s Pk, so we turned back at the bottom of the fly wall.


Looking from the top of gun site pass into Painter basin (toward the south).


Andrew and Patty on gun site pass.

Felicia and Matt on gun site pass.


Our snack break on the pass with Mt. Emmons (left of center with round top) in the distance.

Chuck and Jack heading back off the pass toward Henry’s Fork basin.


Looking back up at the pass.


On the way back to camp, we took a hike around the upper reaches of the basin. The steep shoot in the middle of the picture leads up to Anderson pass (but it is not a wise route to take- gun site pass and then the fly wall is much safer).


Wandering across the tundra toward Henry’s Fork Lk.


Patty at the top of a nice waterfall that Matt found for us.


Andrew at the falls.


Our waterfall from a distance and Mt. Powell to the right as we approach our camp site.


Andrew showing off to Erin and Patty


Matt got into the act as well.


This face protection looks like bees to me. Matt says otherwise.


Back at our camp the next morning and the sun has come out as we prepare to leave.



One last look back at the beautiful Henry’s Fork basin before we leave it for this year.


Andrew, Patty, Matt (top) and Cindy, Chuck, Peter, and Jack after the hike back to the trailhead. Another chemists in the mountains trip is in the history books.