In late July of 2006, the chemists again ventured to the mountains; this time, into the Uinta Mts. of Utah. In particular, they entered at Moon Lake on the south slopes of the Uintas. The route of the hike is shown in the map below.





Camp 2               Camp 1                        Camp 3         Start/end




At the start of the hike, Tom and Cindy’s dog, Kobe (actually Cobalt) looked in fine shape and ready to carry his own load.




The hike began at Moon Lake and went up 2000 ft. in about 7 miles. Here is Peg following some of the Armentrout clan.



Chuck and Heather talking about life and having fun together as father and daughter.



Lunch break on the first day.




Nearing our first-day camp between Island and Kidney lakes.



The flowers were beautiful this time or year.



On the second day, we hiked over Tworoose Pass and toward Cleveland Pass. These are some cliffs we encountered on our way toward our second-day camp.




Setting up camp on the second night.




This is the view from our second camp looking toward Cleveland peak and Cleveland pass.




The third day, we hiked to Cleveland pass. This is Cleveland peak, near the pass.



This is the view from Cleveland pass.




Cindy, Kobe, Jack and Peg on Cleveland pass.



Peg hiking down from Cleveland pass toward East Basin



Kobe approaching the large rubble pile at the bottom of East Basin pass (note the bones in the foreground).



Bones at the base of East Basin pass warning us of the hard climb ahead.



After East Basin pass, we approach our third camp near this lake. The evening at this camp, we had a tremendous lightning and thunderstorm.



The fourth day, we hiked back along this nice stream.


Finally, we obtained a view of Moon Lake far below us on our way back to the cars.