Peter and Mary Ann near the children's tent on our final day as we pack up to hike out.

 Janis sipping something warm as we make further preparations.


Cutthroat Lake on the right and the area where we camped on the left.  



After leaving our camp, we hiked toward Palmer Lake on this beautiful trai. 



Below, we see Palmer Lake and we look down Palmer Canyon toward the Green River gorge. 



Above is Plamer lake as we now hike back up toward the Doubletop Mtn saddle. 

Loking back to a lake just south of Palmer Lake. 

 From the Doubletop Mtn saddle lookng back toward the divide.



Another nice view from the saddle. 


 Janis and Tom near Rainbow Lake on the way out.

 Leaving Rainbow Lake, we go down and eventually reach the switchbacks that lead down to the New Fork River (below in the picture above).


 As we crossed the New Fork River and meadow, it began to rain a little.

 Peter and Mary Ann arriving at our cars.







Dale and Susan looking fine at the end of the trail.




Chuck and Lee Ann also arrived in good shape.



Patty wants that pack off NOW, while Heather says "thank goodness the hike is over".



 The prize-winning blister on Heather's heal. Actually, for as tough as this trip was, the number of blisters and other body problems were minor.




Erin making it back to civilization.